How Can You Stop Pigeons Pooing on Your Balcony?

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Pigeons are a common urban nuisance, and many people find themselves facing the unappetizing problem of pigeon droppings on their balconies. Not only is pigeon poop unsightly and unpleasant to deal with, but it can also pose health risks due to the presence of harmful bacteria and parasites. However, with the right approach, you can discourage pigeons from making your balcony their favourite hangout spot. In this article, we will explore why pigeons are attracted to balconies, effective ways to neutralize and remove pigeon poop, and how to fix the pigeon problem on your balcony for good.

Why do pigeons come to my balcony?

Before delving into solutions, it’s crucial to understand why pigeons are drawn to your balcony in the first place. Several factors contribute to their attraction:

a) Food availability: Pigeons are opportunistic feeders and are attracted to food sources. If you or your neighbours regularly feed birds or leave food scraps on your balcony, pigeons will flock to the area in search of an easy meal.

b) Shelter and safety: Balconies offer pigeons a safe place to perch and nest away from potential predators. The enclosed space provides them with shelter from harsh weather conditions, making it an appealing roosting spot.

c) Water source: Pigeons need a water source for drinking and bathing. If you have water containers or uncovered pools on your balcony, they might be attracting pigeons.

How do you neutralize pigeon poop?

Preventing pigeons from settling on your balcony requires creating an environment that is unsuitable for them. Here are some effective methods to neutralize pigeon poop:

a) Remove food sources: Ensure no food is left exposed on your balcony. Clean up spills promptly and avoid feeding birds in the area.

b) Block access to nesting sites: Use netting or wire mesh to cover open spaces where pigeons might roost or build nests. This will prevent them from finding suitable spots to settle.

c) Install deterrents: Various pigeon deterrent devices are available, such as spike strips, ultrasonic repellents, and motion-activated sprinklers. These tools make it uncomfortable for pigeons to perch and encourage them to find alternative locations.

d) Scare tactics: Try using visual or auditory scare tactics, such as hanging shiny objects or playing predator sounds, to make pigeons wary of your balcony.

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How do you remove pigeon poo?

Despite your best efforts to deter pigeons, you might still find yourself faced with accumulated droppings. Here’s how to safely and effectively remove pigeon poop:

a) Protective gear: Before attempting to clean the area, put on disposable gloves, a mask, and safety goggles to protect yourself from potential health hazards.

b) Soak and scrape: Using a gentle detergent and water solution, soak the affected area to loosen the dried droppings. After a few minutes, use a plastic scraper or spatula to carefully remove the softened poop.

c) Disinfect: After scraping off the droppings, disinfect the area with a suitable cleaner to eliminate any remaining bacteria or parasites.

d) Rinse thoroughly: Use clean water to rinse the balcony surface thoroughly and remove any remaining residue from the cleaning process.

How do I fix the pigeon problem on my balcony?

To address the pigeon problem on your balcony permanently, follow these steps:

a) Consult with professionals: If you’re dealing with a persistent pigeon infestation, it’s best to seek advice from pest control professionals. They can assess the situation and provide customized solutions to deter pigeons effectively.

b) Implement long-term deterrents: Consider installing more permanent pigeon deterrents, such as anti-roosting spikes, bird netting, or wire barriers. These measures create an inhospitable environment, discouraging pigeons from returning.

c) Maintain cleanliness: Regularly clean your balcony and ensure no food or water sources are accessible to pigeons or other birds.

d) Educate neighbours: If pigeons are a problem in your neighbourhood, consider talking to your neighbours about collectively implementing deterrent measures. A united effort can yield better results in pigeon control.

Pigeon Control London - pigeons on Balcony London
Pigeon Control London – pigeons on Balcony London


Dealing with pigeons pooping on your balcony can be frustrating, but with the right strategies, you can create an inhospitable environment that deters them from frequenting your space. By neutralising their attraction, removing existing droppings, and implementing long-term deterrents, you can enjoy a pigeon-free balcony. Remember, it’s essential to take proactive measures and maintain cleanliness to prevent the problem from recurring. With some effort and persistence, you can successfully keep pigeons at bay and enjoy a clean, poop-free outdoor space.

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