How do I Get Rid of Pigeons in London?


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Pigeons are a persistent pest in London causing all sorts of problems from entering properties to leaving the mess from their droppings on pavements and buildings around the capital. London faces a never-ending battle against these pests as they breed quickly and are resilient.

There are many options when it comes to getting rid of pigeons in London but when it comes to bird control, pigeon netting is one of the most widely used methods in London. Bird netting is made using durable plastic twine, which is stretched to create an impenetrable pigeon barrier. It can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including the fascias of building and across balconies. The netting stops pigeons and other birds from roosting in that area. Pigeon netting can be installed relatively cheaply and is low maintenance so doesn’t require frequent attention to be effective.

As experienced bird netting installers, we understand the importance of dealing with nuisance birds appropriately. Our bird netting will deter birds from landing on your property, forcing them to seek refuge elsewhere. We also recognize that the cost of dealing with nuisance birds can be high, as you may need to clean your property frequently to eliminate mess and dirt. We believe that bird netting is a cost-effective solution that delivers positive outcomes. While you will have to pay for the service, the cost will be considerably less than continually cleaning your property to maintain its appearance.

Read more about bird netting or request a quote for bird netting here.

How do I get rid of unwanted pigeons in my property?

Pigeons in your property can be a nuisance and can be difficult to remove without professional help. If you want to get rid of pigeons, practical traps and repellents are the best options to ensure the birds are removed from your property. Falconry, anti-bird spikes, parallel wires, bird gels and decoy kites are all effective in removing unwanted pigeons from your property.

Contacting a pigeon control specialist will ensure that it is done safely and effectively and will give you peace of mind that they will not return. Before removing the pigeons, we will carry out an assessment of the property and suggest the most appropriate method for removal and prevention of further infestations.

Is killing a pigeon illegal in the UK?

It is illegal to kill any bird, or destroy their eggs or nests, without a government licence in the UK so don’t try to do it yourself. Killing pigeons or other birds is a last resort where other control methods are not viable.

What scares pigeons away?

There are things that pigeons don’t like, such as strong spices like black pepper, chilli, or cinnamon. You could try making spice bags or spread a generous amount of these spices around popular pigeon nesting areas to keep them away. However, you will need to replace the spices on a regular basis for them to remain effective as their potency will reduce over time.

Are pigeons protected in London?

All wild birds, including pigeons, their nests and eggs, are protected by law. It is an offence, except under licence, to intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird, to damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird, and to intentionally take or destroy the eggs of any wild bird. If you require nest removal please contact a pigeon control proffesional who is licensed to do so. You can read more about nest removal or contact us for a quote here.

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Drawing upon our extensive expertise, we have found that employing a combination of methods provides excellent results in deterring pigeons from roosting on your property. Strategies such as falconry and the installation of bird spikes have proven to be highly effective.

With our range of services, we strive to provide holistic solutions that address the specific needs of home and business owners, ensuring effective pigeon control and long-lasting results.

Pigeon Control only uses humane methods to remove and deter pigeons from your home or business. Our team of experienced pigeon control specialists will assess the severity of the infestation and recommend the best course of action to remove the pigeons and prevent future infestations.

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