Installation of Bird Spikes at a Property in London to Prevent Pigeons from Roosting

Installation of Bird Spikes on Curved Roof to Prevent Pigeons Roosting in London

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Bird spikes, also known as pigeon spikes, are designed to deter pigeons and other birds from landing and roosting on roof tops and guttering. They can be attached to buildings by either gluing them to surfaces or fixing them directly with nails or screws. 

Bird spikes are available in various sizes and strengths to cater to different bird types, some are plastic and some are made from steel.

Why Do You Need to Install Bird Spikes

We were called by our customer in London who was distressed by pigeons which were frequently landing on their roof and causing a nuisance. They were frequently woken by the noise and also upset with the amount of mess the pigeons cause.

Bird spikes, including pigeon spikes, are commonly installed on walls, ledges, roofs, gutters and signs to deter birds from perching. The spikes do not harm the birds since they do not come into direct contact with them. 

Installing the Bird Spikes

Installing bird spikes can be a challenge as often they need to be installed at height. In this instance scaffolding was required to access the roof areas.

Before installing the bird spikes, all areas were professionally cleaned using a biocide cleaning agent to break down the Guano and treat it for bacteria.

Once fully cleaned, spike installation could begin. 

Spikes were cut to length and fitted to the curved roof area using a high strength adhesive. They are spaced so as not to allow any space for the birds to land.

Bird Spikes were also fitted to the guttering, these are attached using clips which keep them in place.

We also fitted some bird mesh to an area under the window which pigeons were using to nest.

Are Bird Spikes Effectiveness at Stopping Birds from Landing

Bird spikes are highly effective tools for bird control in various settings and for a wide range of bird species. These spikes provide a reliable and proven method of deterring birds from roosting and nesting, ensuring the protection of buildings and structures.

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