Pigeon Spikes – Are they Effective Bird Deterrents?


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Bird spikes, also known as pigeon spikes, are designed to serve as a reliable method of pest control, bird deterrent, and bird proofing. These spikes are constructed using plastic bases and feature steel metal spikes that protrude outwards and upwards. They can be attached to buildings by either gluing them to surfaces or fixing them directly with nails or screws. Bird spikes are available in various sizes and strengths to cater to different bird types.

Do Bird Spikes Deter Pigeons?

Bird spikes, including pigeon spikes, are commonly employed on walls, ledges, roofs, gutters, CCTV cameras, and commercial signs to effectively deter birds from perching on these surfaces. Importantly, the spikes do not harm the birds since they do not come into direct contact with them. This makes bird spikes a popular choice in town and city centers, as well as coastal areas where feral birds tend to gather in large numbers. By dispersing these bird populations, the spikes help prevent them from causing a nuisance to the public.

Pigeon Control London - pigeons on roof in london
Pigeons on a roof where pigeon spikes could be effective in prevention

Are Bird Spikes Legal in the UK?

While bird spikes can effectively deter both small and large birds, it is crucial to have them installed by a professional pest control company to ensure proper placement and effectiveness. In the United Kingdom, bird spikes are legal and do not cause harm to pigeons or other birds. They are considered a successful and harmless method of bird control, acting as a deterrent against roosting and nesting on buildings and structures.

Bird spikes
Metal Pigeon spikes used on a widow sill to prevent pigeons from landing

Are Plastic or Metal Bird Spikes Better?

Both plastic and metal bird spikes offer durability, weather resistance, ease of installation, and effectiveness in deterring birds. However, there are a few key differences to consider. Stainless steel spikes are considered a premium product, offering a longer warranty and having a lower visual impact compared to plastic spikes.

What are the Benefits of Bird Spikes?

Bird spikes effectively prevent pest birds such as pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows from landing on ledges, window sills, beams, signs, pipes, light fittings, and more. They are also an economical long-term solution for bird control on buildings and structures.

Using Spikes on Fences and Roofs

Bird deterrent spikes are particularly effective against larger pest birds like pigeons and gulls. They can be installed on fences, roofs, and ledges to discourage birds from perching and nesting in unwanted areas.

Effectiveness of Bird Spikes

In conclusion, bird spikes, including pigeon spikes, are highly effective tools for bird control in various settings and for a wide range of bird species. These spikes provide a reliable and proven method of deterring birds from roosting and nesting, ensuring the protection of buildings and structures.

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