Protecting Your Solar Panels: Why Pigeon Proofing is Essential

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Solar panels are a fantastic eco-friendly addition to any home or business, offering reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. However, these energy-saving marvels can also attract some unwanted visitors – pigeons. If left unchecked, pigeon infestations can lead to serious issues for your solar panels. In this article, we’ll explore why it’s crucial to protect your solar panels from pigeons and how pigeon proofing can safeguard your investment.

Why Pigeons Are a Problem for Solar Panels

  1. Noise and Mess: Pigeons are not quiet neighbours. The sounds of scratching, scurrying, and chirping under your solar panels can disrupt your peace and quiet. Sleepless nights due to their activities can be both irritating and frustrating.
  2. Decreased Efficiency: Pigeon droppings, dirt, and debris that accumulate on your solar panels can significantly impact their ability to generate solar energy efficiently. This build-up effectively shades the panels, reducing their performance and effectiveness, especially in the case of string inverters.
  3. Physical Damage: Pigeons can wreak havoc on both the exterior and interior components of your solar panels. Their highly acidic droppings can cause erosion to wires and damage the panel’s surface. Additionally, pigeons can chew through wires and scratch the panels, rendering your system less capable of generating power.

Pigeon Proofing your Solar Panels

Pigeon proofing, also known as bird proofing, involves installing barriers around the perimeter of your solar panels to prevent pigeons from accessing the space underneath. By denying pigeons a safe haven, you force them to seek shelter elsewhere, resolving the issue permanently.

What Pigeon Proofing Services Typically Include

  1. Nest Removal: Removing any existing nests or pigeons from under the solar panels and the surrounding area to ensure no birds are trapped.
  2. Cleaning: Thoroughly cleaning the solar panels and the general roof area, sanitizing surfaces, and removing droppings and nesting materials.
  3. Installation: Installing the pigeon proofing product of your choice securely.

Factors Affecting Pigeon Proofing Costs

The cost of pigeon proofing your solar panels can vary based on several factors:

  1. Installer Choice: The solar panel installer you choose.
  2. Product Selection: The type of product you select to address the issue.
  3. Accessibility: Whether your solar panels can be accessed without scaffolding.
  4. Repairs: If there is any damage that needs to be repaired due to the pigeon infestation.
  5. Panel Array Size: The size of your solar panel array.

Choosing a Pigeon Proofing Installer

Selecting an experienced pigeon proofing company is crucial for safety and effectiveness. Look for professionals with experience working at heights, proper certifications, and solid guarantees on their services.

Effective Pigeon Proofing Products

Several products can effectively pigeon-proof your solar panels:

  1. Bird Mesh Wire: Clipped to the perimeter of solar panels, this stainless steel mesh prevents birds from gaining access without affecting the warranty.
  2. Anti-Roosting Spikes: These humane, UV-resistant spikes deter pigeons from perching nearby.
  3. Bird Blockers: Similar to bird mesh but more aesthetically pleasing, these blockers match solar panel colours and require no drilling.
  4. The Solar Skirt: A sleek aluminium edging that complements black solar panels, keeping pigeons away.


Protecting your solar panels from pigeons is not only essential for maintaining efficiency but also for preserving your investment. By pigeon-proofing your solar panels, you can ensure they continue to generate clean energy for years to come, without any noisy or messy neighbours to disrupt your peace.

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